2010 – The Lure of Sicily

The Lure of Sicily Presented By Dr. Louis Markos

For thousands of years, Sicily has stood at the crossroads not only of ancient Greece and Rome but of the great civilizations of Northern Africa. Whether in the myths of the storytellers, the legends of the poets, the musings of philosophers, or the accounts of the historians, Sicily has always played a central role. Sicily is and was one of the great meeting grounds of the Mediterranean world. Join us as we journey through the splendid past of this timeless island and seek within its compass some of the roots of the Western world.

When: March 24th
Registration Begins: 6:30 pm
Lecture Begins: 7:00 pm
Location: 1101 Milford, Houston, Texas 77006
Reservations Advised: 713.524.4222
Cost: ICCC Members $10, Non Members $15

Credit Cards Accepted / Seating Limited to 120