The Best of Italy Fundraiser

Do you feel passionate about a city in Italy? Tell us why it holds a special place in your heart!

Make a donation of $50, $100 or $150 to be featured on ICCC social media, La Voce Italiana and entered to win an Italian gift basket.

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Grazie mille to our supporters

Sandra Celli-Harris | Lucca

“E una bellissima citta ed e la mia identita italiana.”


Margey Meyer | Firenze

“I was so fortunate to be able to attend an overseas study program in incredible, beautiful, spectacular, mesmerizing Firenze twice, for a total of a year, and made wonderful friends who remain dear to me more than fifty years later, solidifying my belief that Firenze is imbedded not only my heart but in my soul.”


Dave Capobianco | Gaeta

“Gaeta, a coastal city south of Rome, is where my grandfather, Francesco Capobianco, was born and raised.”


Mary Milloy | Cortona

“I fell in love with Cotrona in 2002, not because it’s ‘under the Tuscan sun,’ but because of the beautiful vistas, the warm and welcoming community, and of course, the wine, the olive oil, and the cuisine.”