Thank You for Supporting the Milford House Fund Campaign

We’d like to say a sincere “Thank You” to all our members and donors who supported Giving Tuesdays in December and January.

The ICCC could not continue its mission “to advance, celebrate and preserve Italian culture and heritage” if it wasn’t for all the continued support of the great ICCC family. Your contributions to the Milford House Fund will allow us to do necessary maintenance and improvement to our most important capital asset, the Milford House. We would like to take this opportunity not only to say thank you, but also to say how amazed we are by all the support we received for the Milford House Fund campaign this year. Not only did we continue to quickly reach our milestones, but we were also able to raise more funds than in previous years.

Thanks to you, we were able to raise a total of $17,022.45. Way to go! We’re looking forward to continuing to expand our programs and activities, and we cannot wait until we can once again host thousands of visitors at the Milford House, home to the ICCC

The ICCC initiated an Annual Fund Campaign in 2014, and we have received a total of 237 donations, totaling $71,000 for the years 2014 through January 2021

Thank you to all who have responded to those campaigns and made other donations throughout the year.



The following donors have contributed to the Milford House Fund Annual Campaign 2020 as of February 22, 2021:

Dr. and Mrs. Philip
L. Cimo in memory of Joe Messina
Mr. Barney M. Francescon
Mr. and Mrs. James Giannantonio
Mr. Jim Jarosh
Mr. and Mrs. Mario Lucchesi
Mr. and Mrs. Lee Mabrito
Mr. Paul Pustizzi
Mr. Michael Stein Mr. Kirby Trapolino in memory of Vincie Ragusa Trapolino
Mr. Len Trombetta
Mr. Carlo Cotrone
Mr. Gene Bremer Jr.
Mr. James Amodeo
Mr. Jerry Baiamonte
Mr. Joseph C. LoCicero, Jr.
Mrs. Joyce Coles
Ms. Gloria Borreca
Ms. Gloria Secontino Dulworth
Ms. Laura Ferro and Family
Ms. Carolyn Panebianco
Ms. Adriana Biagioni-Diesen
Ms. Susan Randazzo-Currie
Ms. Rhonda Robert
Ms. Mary Ann Samaniego in memory of Louis and Katherine Carrabba
Ms. Randa Weiner
Ms. Raye White
Ms. Diane Miles
Ms. Julia Mickum
Ms. Marjorie Meyer
Ms. Robin Cimino Shriftman
Ms. Rose Caraglia
Mr. and Mrs. James Avioli
Mr. and Mrs. Nick A. Bacile
Mr. and Mrs. Brad Baker in memory of Jo Ann Zinnante
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Sims
Mr. and Mrs. William Brown
Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Chiappetta
Mr. and Mrs. William Walters
Mr. and Mrs. Gianluca Pascucci
Mr. and Mrs. Larry Cucciniello
Mr. and Mrs. Frederick Ramundo
Mr. and Mrs. John and Julie Rossettie
Mr. and Mrs. Dan and Tina Silvestri/ Silvestri Investment Inc.
Mr. and Mrs. Clint and Joanna Porche
Mr. and Mrs. John Mastroianni
Mr. and Mrs. Vincent Marino
Mr. John T. Manning and
Mrs. Alessandra Ferrajoli
Mr. Harry Elmendorf and Ms. Carol Jean Mulrain in memory of Charles & Olga Mulrain The Ciancone Family in memory of Tony Ciancone
Anonymous donors

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