2010 – Festa Italiana’s Rigatoni Team does it again


Festa Italiana is this weekend and the Rigatoni Team was back in action making their special baked rigatoni dish that was a hit last year. Headed up by Mike Vaccaro and Carrie Pacini this dynamic duo has their eye on quality and the finest ingredients they can possibly get to make this dish. “Good food doesn’t have to be complicated, it’s really about using quality ingredients and having patience ” says Carrie Pacini.

The team cooked over 300 gallons of pomodoro sauce (sugo) to serve with the rigatoni, using some of the finest plum tomatoes available from Italy . The sauce is not the only key to a great pasta dish it is also making sure you have a quality pasta” says Mike Vaccaro. After doing dozens of tests on different Italian pastas to determine which one held the most sauce and also kept it’s “al dente” form best, Mike ordered the pasta straight from Italy to make sure Festa Italiana was serving it up authentically. The dish is finished with grated Pecorino Romano cheese, also completely authentic and imported from Italy.


The Rigatoni team is now in its second year and did a fantastic job with the execution of a brilliant and wonderful dish. “We have amazing help to make this dish happen 2nd year running that includes kettlemaster Anthony Di Benedetto along with Anthony and Sandra Provenzano, and John Pacini. We all worked together to make sure everything is done correctly and exact so that the integrity of the sauce is consistent and delicious every time”, says Mike Vaccaro.


So if you would like to get your hands on some amazing baked rigatoni come out this weekend to Festa Italiana!