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From Clubs: high hopes the warmth of summer days will bring opportunities for in person meetings

On Saturday April 17th, the Daughters of Italian Heritage celebrated the life of Margie Cunzalo DiPuma. Margie passed away March 22, 2021. She was very proud of her Italian heritage and was a longtime member of the Italian Cultural & Community Center and other Italian groups for many years. We are honoring Margie for her countless hours organizing and managing the Houston Italian Festival, as well as co-founding the Daughters of Italian Heritage club.
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From Clubs: Italy in America continues to meet monthly via Zoom – May/June 2021

In March, member Betty Donellan gave a presentation on Easter traditions – La Settimana Santa – in Italy. She had travelled some time ago to Italy, taking lots of photos along the way, and she decided to share those with us. Beginning in Cortina d’Ampezzo in northern Italy and ending in Malta, she guided us through photos of Holy Week activities dating back to the 16th century, including processions of men carrying wooden crosses, large statues and iconic images, and accompanied by others dressed as Roman legionaries.

Italian School


The Italian Language School is a professional institution that teaches and promotes the Italian language and culture. We offer beginner, intermediate, and advanced Italian language classes for adults and children year-round. Our faculty teachers are native Italians, and they are highly qualified. Their loyalty to our school is rewarded to guarantee continuous improvement. The Italian Language School is the only Institution in town recognized by the Italian government.

Courses for Adults

Private tutoring as well as full immersion Italian courses and corporate training with highly qualified teachers who are native Italians.

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Kids & Teens Activities

Activities and Italian School for kids and teens who want to learn or improve their Italian. Courses for any level and age groups.

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Cultural Experiences

Special lectures, events, cultural enrichment classes: these are some of the different ways to learn the Italian language and culture. Discover all of our Cultural Experiences.

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