La Voce Italiana Magazine May/June 2023

Enjoy our newest edition of La Voce Italiana May/June 2023!

La Voce Italiana is published six times a year by the Italian Cultural & Community Center (ICCC) of Houston as the voice of all things Italian. It is a digital publication where you can find articles about Italian culture and news from the ICCC Houston.

In this issue of La Voce Italiana:


Congratulations to the Most Recent Study Abroad Scholarship Recipients!

by the ICCC Team

The Italian Cultural & Community Center (ICCC) is proud to announce the most recent recipients of the ICCC 2023 Study Abroad Scholarship.

“I am immensely grateful for the opportunity to study in Italy, for it has been a dream of mine for many years,” Grace Sattem said. “I look forward to experiencing everything the country has to offer and challenging my communicational skills to a greater level. Ci vediamo a Roma!”

“I am going to Bocconi University for an exchange program in the fall of 2023, and I will be taking finance and business courses such as Venture Capital and Managing Luxury Companies,” Zainab Jamal said. “I am very interested in the financial world that Italy has to offer and also just exploring Italy!”

We are so pleased and excited for both Sattem and Jamal on their ventures in Italy. Let us all wish them success in their study abroad programs.


Volunteering at the ICCC

by Claudia Gentile Sims – ICCC President

Isn’t it fun to attend events at the ICCC in our beautiful facility? Who doesn’t enjoy the (usually sold-out) Aperitivo Italiano? Everyone who attended Buck Ross’s filled-to-capacity “History of Italian Opera” class came away enlightened, with a song in their hearts. The annual fashion show and luncheon in October is already being plotted. These are just three examples of the variety of things going on at the ICCC throughout the year.

How do so many diverse offerings get brought to life with such a small* staff? How does our house, listed on the National Register of Historic Places and a designated City of Houston Landmark, stay so grand? Volunteers help make it possible.


Le Amiche Club

by Maryess Salvaggio Guzzetta, Corresponding Secretary

The Le Amiche Club is celebrating its 50th anniversary this year!

As our constitution states, “The object and purpose of this club shall be to unite closer together ladies of approximately the same age and at the same time widen their friendship and to teach congeniality in social and business activities.”

A group of young Italian American women, mostly of Sicilian descent, decided to start a club that would celebrate and acknowledge their friendship, along with their Italian heritage. They chose the perfect name – Le Amiche which translates to “the friends” in English.


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Daughters of Italian Heritage (DOIH)

by Christina Nance | Donna Patterson – President

This season has certainly been one of almsgiving with the Daughters participating in the Co-Cathedral Sacred Heart Caritas Day Service – Project Girl Power.

On Saturday, March 4, 17 DOIH members attended the Caritas Mass and had a fun time assembling 100 toiletry bags for veteran women living in temporary housing. This community service event was hosted by Co-Cathedral.


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