Italy needs our help: Be a part of this effort!

Italy needs our help: Be a part of this effort!

Dear Members and Friends,

On Wednesday, August 24, 2016, a large part of central Italy was struck by a devastating earthquake, claiming hundreds of lives and leaving survivors trapped under the rubble. Our friends and partners at the National Italian American Foundation (NIAF), located in Washington D.C., are raising funds to provide relief for the victims affected by this tragic disaster and help with the rebuilding process of the several towns that were devastated.

The Italian Cultural & Community Center supports NIAF’s Italian American Relief Fund, as well as the Italian Red Cross’s* appeal for donations. We hope you will be a part of either one of these relief efforts, and would like to ask you to help in ANY amount possible; every dollar counts. You can also help by passing on this information to as many friends and family as you can.

Click on the logo of the organization of your choice for more information on how to donate through them.

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Our hearts and prayers are with Italy, with our Italian family and friends, and with those who have suffered loss due to this natural disaster.

The Italian Cultural & Community Center’s Board and Staff

*Note: The Italian Red Cross’s website is in Italian, but can be translated into English. Donations are made through PayPal.