2010 – Guariglia / Pasquinelli Scholarships Established At ICCC

The Italian Cultural and Community Center is proud to announce the establishment of two Guariglia/Pasquinelli Memorial Scholarships. Funded by ICCC member Vincent Guariglia and named to honor Michael and John C. Guariglia, his late son and brother, and Oriano Pasquinelli, his recently deceased friend, the awards are open to all 2010 high school graduates, regardless of nationality, race, creed, or religion, who will be attending a four-year institution. Each award has a value of $10,000 per year with a minimum commitment of two years.

One Guariglia/Pasquinelli Memorial Scholarship will be administered by ICCC with the 2010 ICCC scholarship committee reviewing all applications and selecting the winner. The winner of this scholarship may attend the college of his or her choice. The award will be paid directly to the school of the student’s choosing and will be renewable annually for a minimum commitment of two years. Applicants and winners of the ICCC 2010 scholarships are eligible to apply. All applications must be received at the ICCC office by 5 p.m., August 6, 2010. All questions should be referred to ICCC at 713-524-4222.

Another Guariglia/Pasquinelli Memorial Scholarship will be established by ICCC at the University of St. Thomas as a designated gift from Mr. Guariglia intended for a student who will be attending UST during the 2010-2011 school year. The award will also be renewable annually for a minimum commitment of two years. For further information please contact the University’s Office of Scholarship and Financial Aid.

Selection of the winning candidate for each Guariglia/Pasquinelli Scholarship will be based on the following criteria established by the donor: Financial need – proof required; GPA – minimum 2.5 on a 4 point scale; class rank; SAT/ACT; extracurricular involvement especially government, music, and sports; community activities; awards and recognition; work history; special circumstances; demonstrated talent and leadership; letter of recommendation from a teacher or other adult. The student must have a desire to finish what he/she starts. Preference will be given but not restricted to students in law enforcement, international studies, and logistics/chain link management. There are no restrictions as to nationality, race, creed, or religion.

Although the Guariglia/Pasquinelli Scholarships are new, Vincent Guariglia is no stranger to scholarship awards and the Italian Cultural and Community Center. Thirteen years ago he created the Torre/Sendrovitz Memorial Scholarships which were awarded to two deserving students for whom college attendance would have been a distant dream without his generous and life-altering donations. ICCC was honored to serve as the conduit for those awards then. We are again grateful for and honored by his generosity and regard for ICCC’s growing Scholarship Program.

Further information about the ICCC Scholarship Program, to make donations or to get applications for the Guariglia/Pasquinelli Scholarships and other scholarships available, visit ICCC at 1101 Milford, Houston, Texas 77006, or visit our Scholarships page and download the applications today! Our telephone number is 713-524-4222

For the application click here on the Guariglia/Pasquinelli Memorial Scholarship Application