Filastrocche in cielo e in terra – (Nursery rhymes up in the sky and down on earth) – Italian Stories for Kids to Learn Italian

Story Time, Kids Stories in Italian to make your kids learn one of the most romantic and ancient language of the world.

Practice your listening skills while learning Italian with Erica Marchetti, Italian language teacher at the ICCC Houston school of Italian will read “Filastrocche in cielo e in terra –  Nursery rhymes up in the sky and down on earth”” Smiling nursery rhymes on punctuation, trains that travel on the tracks of fantasy, bizarre characters that came out of the unforgettable magician’s hat of Gianni. The nursery rhymes in the book open many paths to readers’ imagination and invite to never separate the power of the imagination from the desire to know the world to change it and make it better. This story will help children with the understanding of the Italian language. Press play and listen to the story.

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