2016 Honorees

About the Honorees

Andrea Alú: Electronic Engineering and Electromagnetism – Professor at The University of Texas at Austin.

Brando Paolo Ballerini: Mechanical and Petroleum Engineering – President of Drillmec, Inc.

Enrica De Rosa: Chemical Engineering – The Methodist Hospital Research Institute.

Roseann Provenzano Drake: Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering – Lockheed Martin Corporation.

Francesco Fusco: Aerospace Engineering – The Boeing Company.

John B. Hill: Mechanical Engineering Technology, Retired – Temperature Technologies Inc.

Antonio (Tony) Lancione: Electrical Engineering, Retired – Bechtel Corporation.

John L. Maida, Jr.: Optical Engineering Physics – Halliburton.

Michael Joseph Marino: Software Engineering – CyberArk Software Inc.

Nicholas Joseph Mustachio: Aerospace Engineering / Chemistry and Applied Mathematics – NASA Johnson Space Center (Flight Operations Directorate).

Paolo Papi: Electronic Engineering / Computer Science – IBM Corporation.

Victor Gustavo Priotto: Electrical Engineering – Italian Space Agency / Aerospace Logistics Technology Engineering Company, Head of ASI/ALTEC Liaison Office at NASA Johnson Space Center.

Len Trombetta: Electrical Engineering – Associate Professor and Associate Chair at the University of Houston.