Elections of the 2015 Board of Directors

We are proud to announce that at the November 13, 2014 Annual Meeting, five members timely qualified to become Board Members. Since they equaled the number of vacancies, and as provided in our By-Laws, the President dispensed with sending out ballots and all five candidates were declared winners. Thus there will be no Meeting and election on December 4, 2014. The new Board Members declared winners are as follows:

Sandra Celli Harris
Bernard Joseph Marino
Stefano Sdringola-Maranga
Sandra Gorka Timte
Walter A. Viali

These recently elected individuals will join the following Board Members to comprise the ICCC 2015 Board of Directors:

Joanna Palasota
Mark White
Claudia Sims
Julie Mastroianni
Margie DiPuma
Dolores (Dee) Avioli
Gerry Barone
Livia Bornigia
Tommaso De Poi
Cinzia Dragoni Holt

Best wishes to our 2015 Board of Directors.