Daughters of Italian Heritage


Deborah Graustein

Meeting Date(s)

3rd Saturday each month, 9:00 AM at the ICCC


Established February 18, 1999

Club Purpose:

The purpose of the Daughters of Italian Heritage is to bring together a group of ladies (from age 16 to 60+) to teach, foster and share Italian/Sicilian traditions through an affiliation with the Italian Cultural & Community Center of Houston, incorporating fellowship, service to charities and social activities.

Typical Activities:

Prepare 15,000 homemade meatballs for the Houston Italian Festival (Festa Italiana).
Provide volunteers for the organization-sponsored Meatball Sandwich booth and other Festa booths.
In commemoration of the Daughters 10th anniversary in 2009, the organization donated a concrete park bench to the Italian Cultural & Community Center designed with 4×4 ceramic tiles personally painted by members. It now sits on the side porch at the Italian Cultural & Community Center.
The Daughters host and prepare a traditional Sicilian St. Joseph’s Altar Dinner each March for members.
Published three cookbooks: DoIH Culinary Collections (2000), the award winning Tutto Italiano (2005) and From the Boot to the Boot! (2016).

Membership Requirements:

Members are single and married ladies who have a sincere appreciation, interest and sense of perseverance of Italian/Sicilian culture. You need not be of Italian/Sicilian descent or married to someone of Italian/Sicilian descent. A prospective member must be at least sixteen (16) years of age.

Club Board

Deborah Graustein / President
Donna Patterson / President-Elect
Margaret Bannon / Recording Secretary
Susan Marino / Corresponding Secretary
Anna Messer / Treasurer
Jennie Trapolino / Past President

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