Call for ICCC Board Nominations

The Italian Cultural and Community Center is seeking candidates to fill four upcoming vacancies on the Board of Directors.  The election will be held at the annual meeting of members on December 7, 2023.  Each term lasts three years.

We welcome strategic thinkers who understand “the big picture” and who can translate ideas into actions to fulfill ICCC’s mission to advance, celebrate, and preserve Italian culture and heritage for everyone.

Candidates must have the following qualities: integrity, independence, confidence, corporate manners, courage, and commitment. The overarching responsibilities of Board members are governance, fundraising, and public relations. Board members do not have to be of Italian descent but must have a passion for Italian culture.

Because we are a working board, all Board members are expected to “do their share” to keep ICCC advancing. 

The qualifications for Board members as listed in the ICCC bylaws are: 

Good standing with dues current; legal resident of US; no closer than third cousin to any other board member; pass a background check; no convictions for felony, Class A or B misdemeanor, crime of moral turpitude, or declared to be of unsound mind by order of a court. 

ICCC is a multi-faceted organization that is in ascendency, growing by leaps and bounds, in scope and influence. It is more critical than ever for ICCC to have leaders capable of carrying forward our strategic plan with a vision to continue as the destination for all things Italian for all Houstonians.   

If you’ve got what it takes to become a valued member of the ICCC leadership team, please submit your application to: Nominating Committee, ICCC, 1101 Milford, Houston, TX, 77006. The deadline is October 1, 2023.   

Click here to download the application.

Refer questions to Erika Myers, ICCC Executive Director (713) 524-4222 ext. 7 or Ray Miller, ICCC Executive Director Emeritus (713) 524-4222 ext. 3.