All’ICCC (At the ICCC) – May/June 2023 – Letter from Claudia Gentile Sims

Buongiorno Amici,


I’ve been a member of the ICCC for nearly two decades and have often asked this question of myself and others: why is the ICCC important? Here are some of the responses I’ve heard:


• It is a place where I can show off Italy to others.
• ICCC is where Italian culture continues to live and helps everyone understand what Italy has contributed to the world’s civilization.
• It is a place of belonging to a culture.
• It provides a focus for celebrating and taking pride in Italy, and its impact on the world, with like-minded people.
• It is a place to share in one of the world’s greatest cultures.

These insightful thoughts underscore the common themes of pride in Italian culture and the understanding that it is important to share its richness. Not surprisingly, the comments dovetail perfectly with the ICCC’s mission statement: ICCC advances, celebrates and preserves Italian culture and heritage.

If you, too, believe in our mission, bring that belief to life by attending our events and inviting your friends, whether they are Italian or not, and by offering your talents to us through volunteering. We always need volunteers. We need you! We need your time to fulfill our mission – please be generous with that precious commodity.

Elsewhere in this issue you will find an article that lists areas of specific need for volunteers. We know you’ve got the talent, now give us your time! Contact me for further information about volunteer opportunities at the ICCC at

Looking ahead, we have a beautifully curated collection of activities coming up: our contemporary film series continues with La Donna Per Me about which one IMDB reviewer said, “Finally a movie that touches our feelings focusing on a love story without illness, suffering, psychological disorders or other diseases as every other movie of the last years. A romcom as the ones in the 80s or 90s.” I’m looking forward to that!

We also are continuing our hugely successful series, Aperitivo Italiano, with another installment in May. Additionally, we have a lecture on the history of the Italian Lira, a cooking class for children, our bi-monthly Italian mass and renewed pasta lunch, and a Dine-Around, among many other interesting offerings. Let’s make each of these events a sell-out! You can make it happen! And, mamma mia! Don’t forget the ICCC annual fashion show and luncheon on October 17. This year, we are celebrating the Songs and Styles of Italy.

Follow us on Facebook and keep current by checking our website often at or La Voce Italiana for specific dates and times. Many of our events sell out early, so don’t be late.

We invite all Houstonians to join us, whether they are Italian or not, because Italian culture is a gift to be shared with everyone.

I look forward to seeing you soon at the ICCC as we work together to carry forward our mission.


Don’t forget to download the latest issue of La Voce Italiana Magazine to be updated on all the ICCC activities and to enrich your knowledge of Italian Culture.

Click here to download the PDF.


A presto,
Claudia Gentile Sims, president



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