About Us

The mission of the Italian Cultural & Community Center is to advance, celebrate and preserve Italian culture and heritage.

In 1976 the Italian Cultural & Community Center was formed as an umbrella organization. The ICCC coordinated the activities of more than 20 Italian clubs in the greater Houston area. The ICCC became a nonprofit organization with a 501(c)(3) status in 1982. With the proceeds from its earliest fundraising efforts, the ICCC purchased in 1988 the historic Milford House in Houston’s Museum District and became known as the Italian Cultural & Community Center.

The Gift of Italian Culture

For members of Houston’s Italian-American Community, many of whom became active ICCC members, the acquisition of the Milford House was the realization of a dream.

For Houstonians of all backgrounds, the Italian Cultural & Community Center is the gift of Italian culture to the City of Houston.

The Italian Cultural & Community Center actively serves:

Italians who have relocated to Houston
Americans of Italian descent
Italophiles, those who are interested in Italy and its culture



Monica Ercolani

Vice President

Claudia Sims


Julie Mastroianni


Margret Norton

Assistant Secretary

Sandra Celli Harris


Jerry Baiamonte
John M. Carrabba
Thann Rae Dauterive
Gary DeSerio
Sheila Echols-Smesny
Laura Ferro
Tracy Lalasz
Mary Milloy
Flavio Zannin


Volunteers contribute substantially to the work and mission of the ICCC, and the ICCC staff works closely with volunteers to make the experience rewarding and engaging for the volunteers, members and the community which the ICCC serves.


Thank you for your interest in becoming a volunteer for the Italian Cultural & Community Center (ICCC). The ICCC is a nonprofit corporation that was established in 1982. Our purpose is to advance, celebrate and preserve the Italian culture and heritage for all Houstonians through educational, cultural and social programs, as well as, scholarships for graduating high school students. The ICCC offers an array of programs, including language classes, educational lectures, educational culinary and wine classes, art exhibits, films, children’s interdisciplinary activities and special holiday events at the ICCC’s Milford House, located in the heart of the Museum District at 1101 Milford. The Milford House is listed on the National Register of Historic Places and is designated as a City of Houston Landmark.

The ICCC’s Board of Directors and staff are composed of dedicated professionals with many years of experience in areas relevant to the ICCC’s mission and goals. As the Center’s programs and community involvement continue to expand, the contributions of volunteers have become increasingly important. The ICCC  Board of Directors and staff thank you for your commitment and dedication to making our united vision a reality.


Why you should volunteer at the ICCC:

  • You will be an essential part of the ICCC and will contribute to its growth!
  • You will discover more about authentic Italian Culture, Cuisine and Traditions!
  • You will meet many new friends that share your same passion for Italy and everything Italian!
  • After 10 Volunteer activities/ events you will receive a 10% discount to participate to one upcoming event

Who can volunteer at the ICCC?


  • Is over 21 of age
  • Loves interacting and cooperating with other people
  • Loves Italian Culture and Heritage

What do Volunteers do?

We organize different types of events in which you can be involved. Pick the activities you would like to do, and we will be happy to interview you and add you to our Volunteer database.

  • Room setup for events
  • Mailings
  • Food preparation
  • Wine pouring
  • Table running
  • Dish washing and drying
  • Volunteer at our Annual Houston Italian Festival