The Saints in the Lives of Italian Americans

No other ethnic group in America has outdone the Italians in expressing devotion and love for the saints.   In the early 20th-century nearly every American city where they settled, Italians held public celebrations of saints’ feast days, many of these honoring the patron saints of their home villages and towns in Italy.  These public feste were the public side Italian-Americans deep private devotion to their saints, each one typically assigned a particular patronage: St. Joseph, for the care of the home and a happy death, St. Anthony of Padua for finding lost objects, St. Gerard for difficult pregnancies.  This course looks at the place and the influence of the saints among Italian Americans from the early 1900s to the present.   A special focus will be on the tradition of public feste in America and what they meant to Italians and American onlookers.

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