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Teachers – Insegnanti


Teachers – Insegnanti



Ilaria was raised in Viareggio, Italy. She holds a Master of Arts in Media and Communication studies. Ilaria began her career in as a journalist and worked for La Nazione, the main newspaper in Florence. She completed her professional practice with the Italian edition of Vanity Fair and Il Sole 24 Ore. Ilaria is passionate about Italian literature and poetry and was fortunate enough to encounter two Italian cultural icons, Nobel Prize-winning Dario Fo and one of her favorite poets, Nobel literature candidate Alda Merini.



Matteo was born in Rome, Italy. He holds a degree in education and development from La Sapienza – University of Rome; focusing on human resources and training, adult education, and teaching Italian as a second language. While in Italy, Matteo worked in the film industry and had the opportunity to work in costumes for many Italian and international movies, TV shows and plays. He moved to Houston in 2013 and since then, he has taken several management roles in the food industry. Matteo is specialized in private conversational lessons, and he also teaches group classes.



Cristina was born in Savona, Italy, where she lived until 1986 when the entire family moved to the United Kingdom. In 1990 the family moved to New York and finally to Houston in 1995. She started teaching Italian classes for children in 1996 at the ICCC, and three years later began teaching Italian classes for adults. For more than 20 years, Cristina has taught Italian to hundreds of students from beginners to advance levels, developing excellent teaching skills.


Francesca was born in Savona, Italy. She has a master degree in History of Arts and Management of the Cultural Heritage. In Italy, she worked as a museum educator. In 2015 she moved to Boston to follow her husband where she was employed at the local Museum of Fine Arts. At the end of 2016, she moved to Houston where she started teaching private and group classes for students of all ages. She loves teaching Italian and sharing her passion for the Italian culture and art with students of all ages.

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