How to Start a Club

Interested in starting a new club?

The Italian Cultural and Community Center of Houston (ICCC) welcomes and is pleased to offer affiliation with the ICCC to those clubs interested in fostering the mission of the ICCC. The ICCC Mission Statement is as follows:

The ICCC of Houston is a non-profit organization that was established in 1982. Our purpose is to advance, celebrate and preserve the Italian culture and heritage for all Houstonians through educational, cultural and social programs, as well as, scholarships for graduating high school students.

Prospective clubs must submit the following information to the ICCC Board via (email info@iccchouston.com) or (mail to Italian Cultural & Community Center of Houston, 1101 Milford Street, Houston, TX 77006):

• The requesting club's by-laws
• The primary mission or goal of the club
• The number of individuals currently involved or interested in joining the club
• Names of the founding and current officers with their positions
• A brief written statement on how the club would benefit the ICCC and how the club would help enhance the Mission Statement of the ICCC.
This information will be reviewed and considered by the ICCC Board which meets every 3rd Tuesday of the month.

Benefits for Club Association with the ICCC:

• Free use of the ICCC for club meetings (four times a year on Mondays-Thursdays) subject to availability and with usage guidelines.
• The club's free listing in the News Section of the LaVoce newspaper which is currently distributed six times a year, subject to space availability and submission guidelines.
• Club's information brochure (1 per club) may be placed in the Information/Membership Booth at the Italian Festival. (ICCC will supply size requirement but Club is responsible for preparing and supplying the brochures).
• Club listing and general information on the ICCC website.
• Meetings held at the ICCC may be listed in the monthly calendar which is distributed to ICCC members.

Club's Responsibilities:

• During the 1st year of affiliation, all current and new club members are to become members of the ICCC. It is the responsibility of the club President to insure that all their members become members of the ICCC. For all subsequent years, 100% of the club members should maintain ICCC membership and the club President will work with the ICCC to certify such each year.
• Club members are to work at a booth or designated area of the Italian Festival (Designated areas are determined by the Festival Committee.)
• Club members are encouraged to volunteer at the ICCC.

* This document does not apply to “founding” clubs as noted in the ICCC Board By-Laws.

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